The Cafe Strip

Somewhere in a cafe kitchen in the outer worlds a Chef dreams up a guitar based, Funk-Rock, symphonic “freak-out” as an escape from the incessant culinary demands of the cybernetic, clientele hoards.

Stephen Pollock: Drums, Percussion and Keyboards
Canaan Perry: Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer, Percussion and Effects


Computer People

A 1980s-style Synth Rock piece about the computerized future.
Today, we are all Computer People.

Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals: Stephen Pollock
Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer: Canaan Perry


Cyborg Bandit

A sound and music montage about the remnants of a man with a robot arm and a computer brain who works in an off-world factory as a cyborg drone. Occasionally he has flashbacks to being a human. The sounds of a life once lived – or was it?

Stephen Pollock (Piano, Effects, Vocals)
Canaan Perry (Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects)

Public Domain Visuals:
– Chevrolet assembly line workers in Flint, Michigan (1936)
– ‘The Drama of Steel’, United State Bureau of Mines (1946)
– ‘Serpentine Dances’, Edison Kinetoscope Films (1894-1896)



What happens when a space station computer at the end of the cosmos becomes self aware and finds only loneliness? Another sound montage by Stephen Pollock (Piano and Vocals) and Canaan Perry (Guitar, Synthesizer and other Effects).

Footage courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

Freo Giant

A beast is loose in Fremantle, Western Australia. A sound and noise montage by Stephen Pollock (Piano) and Canaan Perry (Guitar, Synthesizer and Effects).

Footage courtesy of Sebastiaan Biesaart –