Perry and Pollock – The Cafe Strip

Somewhere in a cafe kitchen in the outer worlds a Chef dreams up a guitar based, Funk-Rock, symphonic “freak-out” as an escape from the incessant culinary demands of the cybernetic, clientele hoards.

Stephen Pollock: Drums, Percussion and Keyboards
Canaan Perry: Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer, Percussion and Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Infinite Room

Wilhelm had become obsessed with getting back to the late 1970s and early ’80s so he could relive his nostalgized younger years and set his future right. He poured through old photographs of people he didn’t know on the Internet, he listened to retro tunes, visited his old home town and made meals that were recreations of fast foods no longer served.

But after encountering a Finnish Demigod, who promised to bend time, Wilhelm did a deal to travel back into the past and relive his youth.

Stephen Pollock: Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects
Canaan Perry: Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Vocals, Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Nabby (Nighttime)

A  tune about the author of “Lolita” Vladimir Nabokov. Vlad is trapped in Stygian afterlife, where he is forced to listen to jazz all day.

Stephen Pollock: Drums and Guitar
Canaan Perry: Bass, Guitars and Synthesizers.

Perry and Pollock – Silicon Dream

Somewhere in a deserted warehouse at the edge of a decaying human outpost a lone, ancient FAX machine dreams of becoming a dove and flying away.

Stephen Pollock: Percussion, Keyboards
Canaan Perry: Synthesizer, Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Oscillator

A little “tail” about the future cats Fritz and Othello. Even as human civilization is superseded by a new wave of intelligent technological frontiers, cats of all shapes and sizes live on in different semi-robotic forms.

Stephen Pollock: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
Canaan Perry: Lead Guitars, Synthesizer, Bass, Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Computer People

A 1980s-style Synth Rock piece about the computerized future.
Today, we are all Computer People.

Stephen Pollock: Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals
Canaan Perry: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer.

Perry and Pollock – Cyborg Bandit

This is a sound and music montage about the remnants of a man with a robot arm and a computer brain who works in an off-world factory as a cyborg drone. Occasionally he has flashbacks to being a human. The sounds of a life once lived – or was it?

Stephen Pollock: Piano, Effects, Vocals
Canaan Perry: Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Freo Giant

“Reporting to all patrols in the area. This is Gold Seven. There is a beast on the loose in Fremantle. Last seen heading towards Stirling Bridge and population. The Premier has given us an executive command — all gunships have orders to kill!”

Stephen Pollock: Piano
Canaan Perry: Guitar and Effects.

Perry and Pollock – Beacon

What happens when a space station computer at the end of the cosmos becomes self aware and finds only loneliness?

Stephen Pollock: Piano and Vocals
Canaan Perry: Guitar, Synthesizer and other Effects.